Investeert in scheepvaartvermogen


Rivermaas specialises in maritime investments and management, supervising investment projects by providing advice, initiative and capital for a high-quality network of investors. As a shipping company, Rivermaas is also responsible for the technical management of coastal vessels. Up-to-date knowledge and experience plus long-lasting relationships in a short sea shipping network are the driving force behind our projects. Rivermaas, investing in shipping capital.

Maritime investment

Rivermaas focuses on investors with affinity for the shipping sector who want to become part of our network. Rivermaas ensures transparent representation of the interests of investors. Our strategy as a network organisation lets us stay flexible and free to respond to promising developments. Know-how and the relationships of trust with our customers create solid foundations for achieving returns from the projects we supervise.

Maritime management

Safe and sustainably profitable shipping is what Rivermaas aims for. This typically features strong cooperation between specialist partners. Rivermaas is responsible for the technical management of its own fleet of ships that operate in the Greater Europe short sea shipping sector. The contributions of our partners include crew management and commercial management.


The shipping equity includes more than just steel and technology. The crews are also an important part of our network. From our own technical management team on shore, we try to ensure a fixed pool of officers and sailors that is as stable as possible. We encourage their passion for shipping and offer scope for their own responsibility, knowledge and skills.